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Our years of experience with resurfacing has helped us bring satisfaction to countless customers, and we’re proud of the work that we do, day-in, day-out. These examples of some of our best applications show the scale of what’s possible when you team up with Atlas – and can give you some inspiration on how a high-quality surface can bring your next project to life.

Primula Close


One of our customers relatives recommended us for putting right another company’s mistakes.

Mike was over the moon with the quality of our workmanship and finish.

Northampton Road


This project came to us via a recommendation from another satisfied customer.

Drainage was required to prevent the garage flooding whilst providing a durable surface.  We carried out a complete dig and started a fresh installation using MOT type 1 stone as a sub base then 2 layers of tarmac to create the stunning finish

St. Peters Way


Atlas customer Lee was originally intending to install a tarmac driveway, but was inspired by a resin surface installation he’d seen on a driveway near his house. After one of our flyers came through his door, he got in touch with us about replacing the loose gravel driveway in front of his own home, and got exactly the results he wanted.

Russell Way

Higham Ferrers

The Atlas team were set a challenge to beat the clock by customer John, who wanted a new driveway installed to greet his then heavily pregnant wife when returning home with her new-born baby. After an initial assessment of an old driveway that was past its sell-by date, we started work two days later, and after another five, the drive was finished for John’s beautiful Honda S2000 to take pride of place.

Durler Avenue


Googling to find Atlas turned out to be an inspired decision for customer Matthew, who wanted to cover up the unsightly patchwork concrete on his drive. Without digging up the existing surface, we were able to install a durable, low-maintenance, modern resin surface in a light grey, all within his budget and timescale.

Western Power Distribution


This leading electricity company had to run a new power line through the driveway of a neighbouring property and so came to us to conduct the remediation work. Instead of an old and untidy driveway with a strip of new tarmac running its full length, we conducted a full resurfacing from scratch with excellent results.

Warren Close


We were recommended to customer Sue and her son by a builder who has worked with us for more than 15 years. We received an email with the address of the proposed project, along with a drawing and some photos of the driveway area, and then carried out our own site inspection to confirm our plans. Once we were happy with levels and drainage plans, we discussed the work with Sue, who happily gave us the go-ahead a few days later.

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